We are currently involved in a couple of projects:


In partnership with the Sunshine Welfare Action Mission Home (SWAMI Home), we deliver cooked meals (prepared by the SWAMI Home kitchen) on Sunday mornings to elderly members living in nearby estates: Sembawang, Yishun, Woodlands Ring and Marsiling. Many of these uncles and aunties live alone, and some of them have been abandoned by their children.

They look forward to both the meal being delivered, and the company they get when young members of our generation come to visit.  We befriend and engage them in conversation: to find out how they’ve been doing, if there is anything else they might need help with. Even a short 15-20 minute stay makes a huge difference to their day, and that’s what we try to do: to deliver lunch to them, whilst spreading love, joy and cheer in the process.

We recently started Meals with Love in the East (2nd week of September) in the Eunos and Chai Chee region, and will be looking to expand as our family of volunteers grows.


We work with the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) to create different avenues of appreciation for the migrant workers who work in Singapore. We recently collaborated with them to run a games carnival during the National Day weekend. It was extremely special to be able to celebrate our nation’s birthday with these foreign friends who have left their families behind to work here and make our country a better place for all of us.

We will be starting a “Tea and Biscuits” project which involves serving migrant workers tea and biscuits and having chats with them over a simple afternoon snack. Through the course of these conversations, we hope to find out more about what they like, what they struggle with, and get input on how we can do more to make their time in Singapore better.


On a monthly basis, we send 1YOUTH teams for Project Homeworks. This is a home clean-up and restructuring programme for elderly who live in very poor conditions. The programme is organised by Habitat for Humanity Singapore, a non-profit housing organisation. While we’re there to help out with their housing conditions, we actually end up learning so much about life from these elders through our interactions with them.

Local and Overseas Medical & Dental Camps

Local Medical Camps:  
More recently, we started a monthly mobile medical camp (focused on pregnant young women and children from underprivileged sectors of society) – the first camp was on the first weekend of September (2nd Sep), and we aim to do it on the first Saturday of every month.

These camps primarily focus on health and medical check-ups, but will also involve other elements related to wellness and development. For example, we set up interactive stations to educate the children on good health habits related to nutrition, sugar levels and dental care. Also, the children will dabble in some arts & craft to let them express their creativity. We hope to create an environment of warmth and love for them while they go through their health checks.

Overseas Medical Camps:

A team of volunteers, including doctors and dentists, took part in a Medical Outreach Programme in Sarawak in September. The three day camp took them to remote villages in the region where they provided free medical and dental care. 1YOUTH medical teams will be volunteering in further camps overseas including in parts of Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Nigeria in the coming year.